Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Latest UK projections give Labour majority government

Amazing - people are so PO'd with the governing party that the Opposition is now ahead in the polls by a significant amount! Why can't this be true everywhere?...

According to the most recent YouGov polling, Britain's Labour Party, lead by Opposition Leader Ed Milliband, is ahead of the governing Conservatives of Prime Minister David Cameron by 5-points, their largest lead since 2007. The Liberal Democrats, who are in a coalition government with Cameron's Conservatives, are down to 10% of the vote, while "Others" take up 10% of the vote.

This is the high-point of a recent trend in YouGov and British polling, before showing Labour and the Conservatives essentially tied, then Labour with a small lead, and now Labour with a big lead. Perhaps the beginning of a shift in British politics, again?

According to UKPollingReport's projections, the average popular vote is 41-38-10, while the seat projections are as follows: Labour - 342, Conservatives - 268, Lib Dems - 15, Others - 25.

Compare this to the current totals of C - 307, L - 258, LD - 57, Oth - 25. Nifty, eh?


  1. The big difference is that in the UK, their coalition between the Liberals and Conservatives is out in the open while here in Canada our Liberal/Conservative coalition government still includes the empty charade of opposition.

  2. I'd actually point out that a lot of the Lib Dem's policies are Liberal in-name-only, and would more accurately reflect the NDP on a lot of fronts, while Labour, at least under Blair/Brown, reflected the Liberals more.

    I mean, the NDP could easily support the Conservatives, much like the Lib Dems do. And you'd get the same in return - diddly squat! Kinda like 2009, right?

  3. Volkov, on the other hand, doesn't seem to know what he is talking about. The Lib-dems were never close to the NDP. I lived in the UK for many years and their policies clearly were economically closer to the Liberals in my experience. And the NDP would never go into a coalition with the CP in Canada.

  4. It's interesting and telling how wherever a Social Democratic party like the NDP or Labour is a legitimate and default governing option like in the UK or here in Canada in the provinces of BC and Saskatchewan the conservative and neo-liberal tendencies always eventually always merge into one default right wing party like BC's provincial Liberals or Saskatchewan's 'Saskatchewan Party'. Makes it pretty clear that when the chips are down 'Liberals' are ultimately default right wingers.

  5. kirby,

    I could not disagree more. The most recent Lib Dem platform clearly channeled quite a bit of the Canadian NDP. I don't know when you lived in the UK, but it's been awhile since they had Ashdown as leader, aye. Compare for yourself.

    I'm not saying the Lib Dems are an exact copy of the NDP, but there's a helluva lot of similarities.


    Europe, including the UK, have had very different political histories than North America, which is understandable. But surely you must be kidding yourself when you say that a party like New Labour, the French Socialists, or the German SDP are so akin to the "social democratic" principles you so proudly espouse, especially in their modern forms.

  6. Whatever the LibDem's stated policies before and during the election were, they clearly had as much weight as, oh, say, campaign promises made by the Canadian Liberal Party.

    To Wit: Clegg swore up and down that he would fight any 'deeply regressive and wrong headed university tuition increases'... and then stood up in parliament the other day and with a quavering voice that the outraged students protesting outside could clearly be heard over, announced the coalition would be massively increasing tuition costs.

    The LibDems have provided a fig leaf for the Tories for the most vicious assault on the social contract and on Britain's weakest citizens since the days of Thatcher. Not surprisingly they've annhihilated their long term political future for short term power.

    We are witnessing the political and economic ideas of neo-liberalism enter terminal decadence and decline worldwide. The various 'Liberal' parties everywhere they exist have turned their backs on Kenesyism and thrown in with the elites to protect the gigantic tax breaks and giveaways to the rich and big business of the last several decades.

    They expect the rest of us to stand by while our costs of living steadily increase, the social safety net is systematically shredded and debt skyrockets to protect the wealth of the few.

    How inspiring.

  7. Yet through it all, so-called "social democratic" parties consistently fail in electoral gains, unless they end up either betraying those principles or compromising with liberal and conservative parties.

    For everyone's complaining, there certainly is not a lot of action going on. You say there is cause, but I've yet to really see the effect. Are we to assume that you and others with your ideology are going to say that there is either a conspiracy of elites and bankers to keep you out of power (I've heard this before from an NDP candidate, in person, so don't say no one's said it), or that there really is something more than "the proletariat is being mistreated" going on?

  8. Well lets see, the NDP and its policy positions are all but shut out by the mainstream media, which ranges from center right to far right in this country. Big business and the wealthy have invested millions into promoting policies in their interest to the point that pragmatic and practical proposals that would be considered mainstream politics and economics even thirty years ago are today derided as left wing insanity.

    This all despite the highly visible and utter failure of the unregulated business, perpetual war and starved government model we've seen on Wall street, the Middle East and in the Gulf of Mexico.

    None of this is conspiracy theory, it's open blatant unambiguous reality.

  9. If you say so, Cliff. I'll let you take that to voters.