Monday, November 22, 2010

Iggy decides that debate is a good idea after all!....?

As reported by Far and Wide, Ignatieff is now apparently "open" to the idea of holding a debate and/or vote in the House of Commons on the extension of the Afghanistan mission past its 2011 due date. While the end result is more or less a foregone conclusion, one can't help but marvel at the speed Iggy did an about-face on this, once certain people made enough noise.

Of course, all it does is help reinforce the entire "Iffy" label. But, hey, he wasn't going to shake that off anyways.

Mind you, this shouldn't have really been an issue to begin with. I'm grateful that the gears that grind in the Liberal Party of Canada are starting to finally turn, but you have to wonder why they ever stopped working in the first place.

I wonder if a certain Liblogger who got mentioned in the Ottawa Sun had anything to do with it... hm.

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