Monday, November 22, 2010

Dropping the ball - how we failed Lebanon

CBC's investigative documentary into the UN's haphazard handling of the assassination of Lebanon's Hafik Hariri back in 2005 is absolutely devastating, and is a highly recommended watch/read if you have the time.

It's really disappointing how the international community, paralyzed by ignorance, arrogance, and simple ineptitude, really dropped the ball on this entire operation. Whether it was the unknown stupidity that lead to Cpl. Wissam Eid's groundbreaking report to go missing for a year, or the placement of a clearly inept head of the Lebanese Special Tribunal who is apparently more interested in his status and office trappings than actual investigation, or the useless worry about "harming diplomatic relations" despite the fact that the head of intelligence is a prime suspect, this entire episode is just a shameful indictment of our passive response to the horrific murder of a head of government that was so promising.

One wonders whether or not Lebanon would be a lot different today if the various tribunals and committees looking into Prime Minister Hariri's death had not been so half-assed.

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