Friday, November 5, 2010


Keith Olbermann, host of the prime time MSNBC political commentary "Countdown with Keith Olbermann," has been suspended indefinitely without pay for not declaring donations to three Democratic candidates, including Kentucky Senate candidate Jack Conway, and Reps. Raul Grijvalva and Gabrielle Giffords. They're not hilariously high donations (relative to US donations) at $2,400 for each candidate, so there's nothing really bad about it, except that he went against company policy. For that, he gets punished, and rightly so.

The second I hear any blathering from right-wing hosts about how bad Olbermann is to do so, I'd kindly ask them and anyone else to look into any donations they've made towards the Republicans or other political parties. The reality is that most of these folks donate, actively support, and court political parties. It's not something new. It is of course hypocritical for Olbermann to attack any other hosts on the basis of their contributions, though in all honesty, that would be true for anyone.

Mind you, I'd still give Olbermann the benefit of the doubt compared to the "Fair and Balanced" approach of some folks.


  1. I agree with you. Its a little crazy in one way to jump to Keith's defence saying is not as bad as the other guys. He should have declared them. That aside, I love his show, especially once he announced getting rid of the worst person in the world segment.

  2. I don't watch Fox or MSNBC. He broke the rules @ MSNBC regarding political donations. (That's it)

    His show Counterpoint and MSNBC ratings are very poor so it won't be a big loss.

    I don't remember any outrage from the firing of J. Williams by NPR from the emotional left. (May have missed it)

    "blathering right" blogger

  3. CS,

    Actually, Countdown* gets about as many viewers as Bill O'Reilly's show, and MSNBC overall is watched by quite a few million folks. It's not as strong as Fox's networks, granted, but there will be people who will consider is a "big loss." And for someone who doesn't watch Fox, you sure parrot their lines a lot.


    Could not agree more. Olbermann's show is pretty good, if you can get past the bias (sometimes its just a little much). But I thoroughly enjoyed his commentary during their election night broadcast, much more so than CNN's or Fox's. I tried to keep an eye on all three, and only MSNBC had interesting, actually reasonable arguments about what this meant for Obama, the next debt level raise, Boehner's ability to control his caucus, the next Minority Leader's ability to control the Dems, and etc.

  4. Keith Olbermann's donations were chump change compared to the bundles donated by the media owners.

  5. Ask Ronald O'Dowd about those talking points if they are backed up with tea leaves or information in the public domain otherwise know as facts. I am not an insider and am not privy to talking points from the war room. My debate with many Liberal bloggers demonstrate they are much more involved directly in their party and have a vested interest.

    I watch clips online embedded on blogs and read news online. Don't watch live television for news.

    I am not clear where you find your facts but MSNBC does not come close to Fox. I found an article that he won a single demographic this summer.(That's it) We call this cherry picking.

    Same Demographic:25-54 demographic (Live +SD)
    2010 8 PM 1,202 Bill vs 395 Keith
    11PM 752 Bill vs 285 Keith

    Maybe you can get back to me with your talking points with links next time as I notice a pattern your rarely include a link to back up your opinion.

  6. CS,

    One, I really don't care who you debate with or what you tell yourself at night to justify that, frankly, you have very "vested interest" in the Conservative Party. It's fairly obvious who you root for, who you support, and who you'll defend to the death. Enough.

    Two, you're right, my apologies for the mistake, though it's not "cherry picking" on purpose, I assure you. I only picked up my info from several pass-by Google articles when I was looking up that picture you see up there. There have been distinct points where Countdown has come right up or even surpassed O'Reilly's show, however, so it isn't a total fib.

    Anyways, the entire point seemed to fly over your head, so I don't know why I bother.


    Mhm. I find nothing wrong with the donation itself. He can donate if he wants, so could Hannity or whomever. The media owners themselves I could see being an issue, simply on terms of who they are. But the bigger issue is just the oodles of dollars they send in either party's direction.

  7. An Action Alert has been posted about Olbermann's suspension, asking people to actually Do Something about it.

  8. My reference is REAL to a max donor in 2009. Feel free to ask him or search Elections Canada website.

    I am curious if you know a David A. Hutton in Burlington.

    According to my Google search you are the President of the Young Liberals in Burlington. I can't find any donations on Elections Canada from you to the Liberals either.

    Did you make it to Tony Genco party on November 4, 2010? I am curious how many showed up, the photos are not clear looks like a small room with 150 max potential.

  9. So it did Glestcher! Quick turnaround, to be sure. I wonder if Keith will do a mea culpa.


    a) stop stalking me

    b) I didn't make it to the Nov. 4th rally, unfortunately. Didn't have a ride. Met Deb Matthews instead. And as far as I know, the room could hold around 500 people, but there's conflicting estimates ( said 1,200, local news say 200ish, some YL took pictures, said I think 500ish, not sure. I'd guess the truth is somewhere in the middle)

    c) Not sure if I've actually had the chance to donate yet, aside from my party membership. I signed up for the Victory Fund, but I'm not sure if it was put through, and even if it was, my credit card number changed and I've yet to actually inform folks yet (though thanks for reminding me)

  10. CS,

    Oh, I see where you found that info (by contributor). I've only started to donate in 2010, so I would not be there, aye.

  11. You have a habit of lashing out with those who don't share your opinion.

    The information I gather makes for an informed opinion. I cite Elections Canada, Pundits Guide on a regular basis.

    Your welcome about my inquiry in the the status of your support for the LPOC and Burlington Liberals Riding Association.

    It would go smoother in the future if you examined who is responsible for introducing incorrect statements or bias into their posts.

    It would be more interesting to have my questions answered and facts refuted based on public information.

    You never answered my questions that I raised from Elections Canada query.