Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Conservatives - we'll balance the budget by stopping people from drinking booze!

Here's an example of cost-cutting measures that are bound to have little impact on anything, but is a nice stick in the mud to direct Conservative base supporters towards:
The Conservative government says there will be no more liquor for bureaucrats, except for special occasions, as part of cost cutting measures outlined Wednesday.

Treasury Board president Stockwell Day said he’s clipping the wings of high flying public servants in an effort to save money for the cash-strapped federal government.

“With the global economy still fragile, Canadian families are taking a hard look at their expenses, setting priorities and making tough decisions. They expect the government to do the same,” he said in a statement.

Day told reporters the government will “maintain a lid” on hospitality, travel and conferences at 2009 levels.
 I have no problem with going about, setting up restrictions on how much bureaucrats can drink on the government account. That's sensible. Yay for the government.

But let's not kid ourselves of anything here: this is not going to save much money, indeed no money at all, considering the amount of spending that goes on by this Conservative government on their own excesses, including, but not limited to, those horrifyingly prevalent signs.

It's nothing more than Pious Day's crusade on morally-tinged spending that will help boost his credentials as someone credible with the file he was given, or at least someone Christian. When he starts cutting back certain minister's spending habits, I'll be impressed.

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