Thursday, November 18, 2010

Conservative Momentum in Winnipeg North

Conservative Julie Javier - next Winnipeg North MP... if these are the only people to vote. Even then she might be in trouble.

h/t Far and Wide.


  1. Context: We are missing details. When was this taken, what time does the event start, this a public event etc...

    If Liberals fail to win/improve the vote % in any of the three contests will you be satisfied with the leadership and the organization or add the the chorus of change at the top?

  2. Not exactly the fountain of youth here, either!

  3. CS,

    Follow the links, and ye shall find ye answer, oh wise master of the internet.

    And I'll throw context right back in your face: what if the Liberals lose Vaughan, but increase their votes in WN and Dauphin by substantial amounts? What if we romp to an amazing 40-point victory over Julian Fantino, but drop votes in the other two ridings? We'll have to wait and see the actual results until we make any guesses as to the actions of others.


    No, no it isn't. xD

  4. Rule #1
    By elections mean nothing for the losing party *excuse to follow.

    Rule #2
    Winners will suggest it is bigger and more important than it is.

    That is called SPIN. Every camp does it.

    I am talking about basic raw numbers including a test of the organization to run three contests. Each riding was easily won and held for a very long time? Each party should HOLD each riding easily.

    This is NOT an epic contest: Clash of the Titans.

    If ANY riding changes it will be seen as an upset by cheerleaders in each opposing camp.

    The non-Fantino fans have the Toronto Star on board as they did with Rob Ford. Conservatives are not supported by MSM gatekeepers in Toronto.

    I have not taken a trip up to visit my cousins lately in Vaughan but might bring my camera and take a few snapshots (need batteries for camera) of lawn signs as an indication of support on homeowners property.

    10% chance. I incorporate visit with three or four stores (Cheese, bread, meat).

    Rob Ford signage gave me insight on BS from Globe-Star-Pundits: 403 Eglinton exit, Royal York to York South Weston ridings everywhere Liberals Zero. Federal Liberal ridings normally.

    Maurizio easily beat Linda, so LPOC should expect to hold unless it was person vs party.
    GS was anyone but Ford.

    You can continue to take personal shots for those who don't agree with your worldview. You should be skeptical of every political party and call them on it.

    Some of us have expressed reservations on Fantino. I will trust the wisdom of the local voters in Vaughan. You?

    The Rob Ford lessons are not sinking in for many Liberals.

  5. You forgot #3: You make no sense.

    I said essentially that we'll have to wait and see the results before we can actually put 2 and 2 together. You're on about how people spin and how Fantino will win because Ford won and a whole bunch of other speculative bullshit that ignores anything and everything I ever said. You go on rambling, sometimes saying something interesting, other times just annoying me because it's very difficult to draw any sort of straight line from one topic to another.

    So, CS, unless you start putting things together better, please try not to say much at all. It's a tad exasperating. Thank you.

  6. Your post had a picture with about 15 words. It may have been an attempt at humour.

    You than challenged me on predictions and to explain results how they would be spun. (Did that too)

    You followed up with another snarky comment because it is "rambling" and difficult to follow.

    I get it as they are difficult to dismiss as rhetoric or personal attacks. I like to ask questions (challenge) for details why a blogger stated this or that.

    I imagine you are also finding it difficult to provide a credible answer with those questions on two or three different topics/days/blog posts.

    Pesky non Liberal partisan asking for proof! The horror.