Monday, November 22, 2010

Before Gordo decides to rescind his resignation...

That Mustel Group poll, which showed the BC Liberals just 5 points behind a laggard NDP, 42-37, isn't actually that big of a deal, considering that the last Mustel Group poll was 42-33. One four-point bump in the polls does not a trend, or an excuse to come back, make. When Angus Reid starts giving you those numbers, then you can consider it.

However, I feel more reinforced than ever by this poll: voters in BC express about as much confidence in James as they do Gordo, as both have essentially the same approval rate, 32% for Campbell, 33% for James. I'll say it again: Carole James will not be the next NDP Premier of British Columbia. She'll either be turfed out, or will somehow fall flat on her face, before she's even given the chance. Just you wait.

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