Wednesday, November 3, 2010

BC Premier Gordon Campbell Resigns

Holy #%@. He's actually resigning.

Not surprising, of course. With favourability ratings of 9%, I'd resign too. But this is highly unexpected at this time right now. I was thinking another year from now. It means two things: leadership race!!!, and a possible early election call.


So, Bill Bennett, one of those rumoured to be grumbling about Campbell, says that the BC Liberal members were pretty much behind Campbell's premiership, and that rumours of a possible internal vote against Gordo were simply rumours. Not sure I believe him, but there you have it.

According to CBC, former BC Liberal leader, Gordon Wilson, who was really "liberal" but jumped to the NDP later on, claimed Campbell's issue was his "aggressiveness" on the economic front. He said Campbell's sale of public assets, eg. BC Hydro, and BC Rail, would have played a big role in people's displeasure. Not sure I agree, but, again, there you go.

No announcements of possible leadership candidates as of yet. Same thing with the NDP, because I still think they'll change leaders before the next election.

 As for Gordo - you lived well, did relatively OK, and made a mark on the world. Good job, Premier.


  1. Jean, Dalton next if they want to save their party.

  2. Charest, yes. McGuinty, I dunno. He's still able to keep his party above water in all polls except AR, which has never been favourable to him anwyays. I think he has one go-round left in him.

  3. The polls are the least of his problems. Seven years and energy in the province will make manufacturing very costly. Homeowners are going to punish the Liberals with all the taxes and fees. The anger is building NB, Rob Ford watch for more ballot upsets and close contests of safe liberal seats become tight races.