Tuesday, November 2, 2010

American Mid-terms 2010 Live Blog

It shan't be a hilariously updated live blog, but nevertheless:

12:45: Harry Reid wins by about 5% in Nevada, but it may be a bittersweet moment regardless.

12:00: California is called for the Dems, Pennsylvania for the GOP, Illinois and Washington still up in the air. Nevada is trending heavily for Reid - yay!  Looks like it's going to end up being 52-48, more than likely. Oh, and John Boehner cried of TV. I know its an emotional moment, but yeesh.

11:30: Pennsylvania are going down to the wire, but it looks like the Dems will lose them in painfully close elections. That'll give the GOP 46 seats, with the Democrats sitting on 48 (46 Dems + 2 Inds). Plus California, Washington, and Hawaii - the last the only one we can be pretty certain about - the Democrats will sit with 51 seats. That leaves Colorado, currently trending for the Democrats, the 52nd seat, and the Republicans will most likely take 48, unless Alaska goes horribly, horribly wrong, for which it would be 53-47.

10:30: Dems still lead in Illinois and Pennsylvania, with over 80% of the polls reporting, but it's pretty close. Republicans sticking around a projected 240ish seats in the House, Democrats 195. Seems like a mixed bag tonight, as the House tanks but somehow the Democrats push themselves up in the Senate. Strange times. Harry Reid to be announced soon. Maybe.

9:45: Christine O'Donnell gives what is supposedly a concession speech, making demands of Senator-elect Coons. Wow. Just, wow. Democrats still lead in Pennsylvania and Illinois - weren't they supposed to lose these by now?

9:22: Note to self: I'm not a fan of Rand Paul. Also, good news for Democrats: Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania and Alexi Giannoulias are holding their ground well with 10-15% of the vote counted in the former, 20% in the latter. If it holds, this night may not be so bad for Dems.

9:00: MSNBC calls House of Representatives for Republicans, 237 seats to 198 for Dems, +/- 13 seats. Well, that was quick.

8:45: Joe Manchin holds West Virgina for the Democrats - yet he might as well be a Republican, if his commercials are any indication.

8:35: Arkansas is called for - guess - the Republicans, unknown margin, but Blanche Lincoln is going down faster than Dion's Liberals. Good news for Democrats, though: Ted Strickland, incumbent Ohio governor, holding his own.

8:24: Delaware Republicans go down in flames, as both Senate and House are called for the Democrats, giving the Republicans a hurdle to cross in trying to take over the House, but a relatively small one - they now need 40 seats, instead of 39, to flip control.

8:20: About an hour and a half after the very first polls closed, a picture is starting to emerge: Republicans pick up Indiana, Marco Rubio crushes Charlie Crist in Florida, Rand Paul leads in Kentucky, and Democrats losing at least three Virginia seats, including two veterans and the chair of the Armed Services Committee. Not a good night for the Dems so far.

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