Friday, October 8, 2010

What did I say?

If the Conservatives through their own incompetence cannot get the UN Security Council seat, they'll blame the Liberals!

Not only is it a ridiculous sentiment, it reflects a certain desperation on the part of the Harper Conservatives about their seeming inability to properly represent Canada and its interests. It's a sad, sad day when a government is so worried about something that they use the most flimsy excuse possible to try and justify their own failures.


  1. Well you see, Michael Ignatieff is the most powerful Leader of the Opposition this country has ever seen.

    He is the puppeteer with is hand up Stephen Harper's ass making him do and say what Iggy wants.

    So of course, everything is Iggy's fault.

    On another note, the fact that the Harper government is making these statements is a good indication that they believe they do not have the votes. They believe they will lose and are trying to find a scapegoat now.

    Very proactive of them really. Now if only they could be this proactive in dealing with the issues that really matter to Canadians instead of constantly campaigning, lying and otherwize wasting our time.

  2. Not only are they resigning themselves to failure, they're giving up on any reasonable explanation for why. I mean, in all honesty, there's a host of excuses as to why we can't get the UNSC seat, ones that, frankly, are not necessarily Harper's fault. But, blaming the Liberals isn't one of them.

  3. Blaming the Liberals does seem to be an odd strategy. I know that it is the default position for the Conservatives but it does not work here because this is in the international arena.

    Do the Conservatives really want to send the message to Canadians that the Liberals in opposition have more influence on the UN than the Conservatives sitting as the government?

    I cannot see how that would help the Conservatives even if Canadians do buy such an argument, which seems highly unlikely.

  4. That's a good point. Should it be Bob Rae and not Cannon out there lobbying on behalf of Canada? Obviously we hold some sort of disproportionate influence in the world...

    I think the likelihood is that the Conservatives, or the Reformers at least, are so used to being in Opposition mode, they can't see the difference between government failures, aka their own, and the Liberals!

  5. Several liberals tried to undo the damage of the statements made by Ignatieff against Canada not deserving a seat held by the current government.

    The problem with damage control is exposed again the conflict within the party. Bob Rae understands this.

    Do you remember the Government speaking out to defend Bob Rae when he was refused entry into Sri Lanka?

    Ignatieff repeated the same mistake by siding with China trying to rebuke our PM over human rights via aboriginals.