Monday, October 25, 2010

Well, that was fun...

An exciting, yet ultimately sad night tonight: Rob Ford has become Mayor of Toronto.

Not only that, he becomes Mayor of Toronto with some of the highest vote totals recorded in recent elections. David Miller managed 332,969 and 57% of the vote in 2006, 299,385 votes and 43% of the vote in 2003. Ford has managed to get 47% of the vote with 380,201 votes, while Smitherman managed 287,393 votes and 35.6%. Pantalone came in third with 94,840 votes and 11.8% - combined with Smitherman's share, that's 47.4%. Let the blame games ensue!

That being said, I wish all the luck to Mr. Ford in his tenure as Mayor. Though I think he'll do a God-awful job, I hope he actually doesn't for the sake of T.O. and the GTA.

So, my prediction of a slim Smitherman win obviously didn't come to fruition. But some others I managed to get:

Jim Watson wins Ottawa with 48.7% of the vote, as compared to incumbent Larry O'Brien's 24.1%.

Rob Burton returns as Mayor of Oakville with 52.3% of the vote, 10% more than former Mayor Ann Mulvale's 42.2%.

And my personal favourite, Rick Goldring wins Burlington's mayoralty with 48.1%, sending incumbent Mayor Cam Jackson into third place with 22.1% of the vote, and Carol D'Amelio comes second with 24.9%.

Burlington's Ward 1 is easily won by Rick Craven again, with 55% of the vote.

Ward 2 is won by Marianne Meed Ward with 51.5% of the vote.

And Ward 6 is won by Blair Lancaster, with only 2% more than Mark Carr, 43 to 41%.

Unfortunately, Ward 3 did not make a change for the better, re-electing Councillor John Taylor with 50% of the vote (down from 2006's 62%), with Cory Judson coming in second with nearly 25%, and third-place finisher and general spoiler Lisa Cooper sitting at 22.5%. 25%, however, is not bad for a first-time municipal candidate going against a 22-year incumbent, and I'm proud of the campaign I was involved in.

Ward 4 stayed with Jack Dennison, and Ward 5 gladly made a good choice, electing James Smith over Paul Sharman, though the results on the link shows otherwise, it was declared by others to be the case.

And Hamilton made a frankly bizarre choice in electing Bob Bratina as mayor, with incumbent Fred Eisenburger coming in third behind former mayor and admitted criminal Larry DiIanni. I personally thought Eisenburger had done a good job, but Bratina deserves a fair chance. The results were Bratina - 37%, DiIanni - 28%, and Eisenburger - 27%.

6/11 predictions right isn't so bad.


I'm really confused. The official results seem to point towards Paul Sharman being elected, and not James Smith. Which is the case? I suppose I'll have to go with the worse prediction because it's on the official results: Paul Sharman wins Ward 5. Means I got 7/11 predictions right, but Burlington is going to lose big.

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