Monday, October 25, 2010

Voting Day

I'll be gone for most of today, pulling the vote for Cory Judson in Burlington's Ward 3, and praying like Hell that Smitherman has a huge contingent of volunteers doing the same in Toronto. I've got a post coming out for 12 noon on the future of the BC Liberals and politics there, so feel free to read it over and give your thoughts, and I'll respond whenever I get back home.

Otherwise, if you live in Ontario and you've yet to vote in your municipal elections, please get out to do so today! No matter your affiliation or your preference, municipal elections have horribly low turnout. We need to boost it and show Canadians that Ontario's voters are not going to sit back and let others decide their government for them.

Some quick predictions for me to check off later tonight:

Toronto, Mayor: George Smitherman by a small margin, 1-5%
Hamilton, Mayor: Fred Eisenburger by a larger margin, 5-10%
Ottawa, Mayor: Jim Watson by 5-10%
Burlington, Mayor: Rick Goldring, 1-5%
Oakville, Mayor: Rob Burton, 1-5%

Burlington, Ward 1: Rick Craven by his usual landslide
Burlington, Ward 2: Marianne Meed Ward, by a slim margin
Burlington, Ward 3: Cory Judson, by hopefully a huge, 40-percent landslide.
Burlington, Ward 4: Brian Heagle, small margin
Burlington, Ward 5: Paul Sharman by a probably healthy margin, unfortunately
Burlington, Ward 6: Blair Lancaster, dunno by how much

Democracy: win! (too cheesy?)

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