Sunday, October 24, 2010

Um, is this a misprint?

CBC article on the fact that Harper will call the by-elections for November 29th, noted by me at 4:30 am this morning:
The Conservatives are set to call three byelections for Nov. 29 for two ridings in Manitoba and one in Vaughan, Ont.

A Conservative source tells The Canadian Press the byelections will be formally announced Sunday.

The source says the Tories expect the Liberals to take at least two seats.

Say what? The Conservatives expect us to take at least two seats? Vaughan and Winnipeg North are my guesses, but, like, they expect us to win? Even while touting Fantino's ass everywhere? It must be a misprint, because if it isn't, they're either psyching us or we're in a much stronger position than we thought.

Oh, fyi for folks: it appears Tony Genco will be the Liberal candidate for Vaughan. A good choice I think, but more on that when I'm actually awake.


  1. Good catch, Volkov. I guess you guys are winning Dauphin--Swan River--Marquette, then. That should help with recruiting a candidate, eh!


  2. Not a misprint, just Con spin, the W. Free Press has similar stuff.

    so this quote
    "A Conservative source, who says the byelections will be formally announced on Sunday, tells The Canadian Press the Tories expect the Liberals to take at least two seats."
    makes no sense when you read the rest of the article - these were/are NDP & Con seats (one of each) so the above quote is likely setting up post election spin that it will be a poor result for Iggy to lose seats he was "expected to win" nudge nudge

  3. PG,

    If we win Dauphin, I'll eat my hat. No - my coat.

    North PoV,

    That's possibly true. Still, it seems more than a little weird to me, given everything else they're saying.