Sunday, October 24, 2010

This is why I cancelled my subscription to the Sun...

Michael Coren came out with what by far has to be the most idiotic article I've seen yet from the newspaper that is endorsing the likes of Rob Ford for Mayor.

Sitting peacefully at work tonight, my colleague pointed out an article that Coren did relating to the entire escapade with Officer Bubbles, the now infamous G20 T.O. cop that arrested and manhandled protester Courtney Winkels, who "assaulted" Officer Bubbles (aka. Adam Josephs) by blowing bubbles on him. My colleague paraphrased Coren's article as "the bitch shouldn't be listened to because she's a social worker and had purple hair." I thought this was an exaggeration, but was I ever wrong.

Here are some gems from the article in the Sun:

"But at the same time, here was another privileged little white girl being all lefty and fatuous, in this case by blowing bubbles next to a female police officer. Josephs intervened and overreacted."

"Let’s provide some possible context here. Josephs is a black man. A black cop. It’s probably difficult for Willy Wonka to empathize, but I would think being a black man in a police uniform in Toronto can be pretty tough at times."

"Racist insults and resentment come from some in the black, as well as white, community. This is a man who defies ugly stereotypes and presents a dignified presence as a custodian of law and order in an increasingly anarchic society in which, for example, during protests police cruisers are torched and public property destroyed."

"Winkels, though, is considered a martyr and modestly describes herself as, “a college honours graduate (social service worker program) looking to get back into modelling.”

"She also apparently thinks a lot about life and says: “It isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.”

"Now call me judgmental if you like, but could it be that, in spite of one mistake that then appeared on YouTube, a street-wise cop might be of more benefit to Canadian society than a pampered kid who puts dozens of photos of herself with green and purple hair on her Facebook page?"

"There are certainly some really annoying and robotic cops around, but there are far more irritating and parasitical publicly funded students and activists who contribute little and then turn up at protests."

In other words, and not out of context as I quoted about 70% of the bloody article, "Winkels is a whiny little lefty with purple hair and contributes nothing to society, and while Officer Bubbles overreacted, he should be let off because this girl had purple and green hair, and he's black and probably has a hard time." And Winkels didn't have a hard time facing jail time for blowing bubbles!?

My Lord, how do these people get through? How does Coren have a TV show with intelligence and insight about as deep as his respect for people who dye their hair? This guy should be living in a box as far as I'm concerned, and I don't mean one on the street. It needs to be padded.

Coren neatly sidestepped the fact that Josephs is now railing against freedom of expression, and all the other sort of junk that someone like Coren has little to no respect for apparently. Where is Coren on that subject?

I don't expect anything to come of this, but if the Toronto Sun cut out Mr. Coren's so-called "column," I'd buy a full year's subscription from them. Anything to get rid of that blight on Canada's media world.


  1. Mr Coren columns in Sun media publications is one thing that gives them some respectability odd that you ascribe your subscription cancelling as to his writing he is a respected media figure and is considered by many on the left and right a philosopher genius

  2. Well, I disagree with that notion. If this is the dreck that Coren writes, then he's hardly a philosopher genius.

  3. Interesting analysis, as Coren is slamming the Police for mistakes including the over reaction to Winkles but defends the black officer from abuse of others in the media including You tube.

    You don't feel the black police officer should be able to hold those anonymous posters be held accountable by our courts?

    Are you worried what Police Const. Adam Josephs will uncover if the courts grant his case?

  4. CS,

    Yes, I do not feel Josephs should be able to railroad YouTube for the names of profile owners and destroy the right of internet anonymity and free speech. Sorry is that offends you.

  5. You are inconsistent. You want Coren fired who attacked everyone in his article but want to protect people who be found guilty of libel. This HAS zero to do with Free Speech but everything to do be accountable.

    I am not shocked you feel the reputation of a Police Officer does not deserve equal protection before the law.

    A young lady won a similar case in New York from viscous anonymous attacks.

  6. I don't want Coren fired because I disagree with his views, he can keep his job. My personal barter is that I'd subscribe to the Sun for a full year, if they got rid of Coren who I find intellectually dishonest and, frankly, an idiot. Whether or not they do so is up to them, aye. I'm not forcing them to do anything, unlike Mr. Josephs.

    And before you accuse me of not respecting police officers and the work they do without a scintilla of evidence again, try asking me what I think.

  7. Mr. Meyer, it appears that too much reading of Sun Media has left you desensitized to punctuation. semi-colon, right parenthesis