Thursday, October 28, 2010

This guy seems to be in the news an awful lot....

Kyle Fawcett, Alberta PC MLA for the riding of Calgary--North Hill, has suggested that his riding be renamed for former Premier Ralph Klein.

On top of that, Fawcett was recently the original "Twit," besting Glen Murray in unintended Twitter stupidity by questioning the democratic choice of Calgarians in their recent mayoralty race.

A year ago, Fawcett made it into the news for questioning Premier Ed Stelmach's leadership abilities.

Fawcett is also the MLA that stands a good chance of losing his seat to the Wildrose Alliance next election, as Leader Danielle Smith, while choosing a different riding to run in south of Calgary, lives in the district is more than likely to help out with whatever candidate is there. Indeed, from what I hear, she has quite the local presence. Methinks Fawcett's popping up in the news is more than coincidence.

Speaking of the Wildrose Alliance, the upstart group that was destined to take over the province after 41 years of PC government, is 12-points behind the Conservatives in the polls, according to the most recent poll, taken near the beginning of October.

You know what's weird? If the Liberals were 12 points behind the Conservatives, people would call it "disastrous." The Wildrosers behind 12, it's "the end of a dynasty." Jeesh.


  1. Danielle Smith might not want to run in Kyle Fawcett's riding because it's left-leaning. The last provincial election results had a split vote so Kyle Fawcett got in.

    The WAP candidate for that same riding just ran for Alderman in the Calgary municipal election but didn't win.

  2. I thought Smith didn't run in Fawcett's riding because Fawcett was already considered one of the more conservative members of the Conservatives, and that it would take a lot to distinguish their ideas.