Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The provinces are titling the Right? Nonsense.

A libertarian blogger known as "Red Ensign" recently claimed that Canadian politics at a provincial level is starting to tilt to the right side of the spectrum, recently culminating in the ouster of Shawn Graham's Liberals in New Brunswick, as well a very old example of the 2007 Saskatchewan Party winning it's election over the Sask. NDP. This blogger then goes on to say that recent polls showing the Manitoba and Ontario PC Parties in the lead are another sign of whats to come.

This is nonsense. What's happening is that several old governments in Canadian provinces are starting to be turfed out, with the exception of New Brunswick, which had its Liberal premier turfed out because of various other reasons. Ontario, Quebec, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia - all of them have (or had) several-term governments that are now (or did) facing lots of public anger and opposition. In the polls (or already in an election), they're losing against the next closest alternatives, be it PCs, NDP, or Pequistes.

This is easily pointed out by the fact that Red Ensign noted that the two largest provinces - Quebec and BC - are facing the reality of having more leftist parties on the rise. How does that fit in with the idea that Canadian provinces are tilting to the right, when two of the three largest provinces are seemingly tiling to the left? Whats more, the federal scene has seen movement to the left with the Liberals gaining ground - what say he on that?

The reality is that Canadian politics is simply shifting into an anti-incumbent mode than anti-left wing or anti-right wing mode. It happens eventually to all several-term governments.

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