Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Dipper Candidate Jumps Ship to Bloc

In what I don't really consider a surprising move, Jean-Claude Rocheleau, the former NDP candidate in Hochelaga that so many Dippers were excited about because he managed to score a distant second place in the recent by-election, has decided to run for the Bloc Quebecois in the riding of La Pointe-de-l'Île, where current Bloc MP Francine LaLonde is stepping down next election.

Given the Bloc's popularity and seeming invincibility in Quebec right now, the move is understandable. However, it is also highly amusing. This fantastic candidate that apparently has quite a bit of potential has left the party that has none. I take no pleasure in seeing the Bloc's numbers swell, but for all their high-and-mighty talk, the NDP are hopefully knocked down a couple notches with this news.


  1. This doesn't surprise me at all. I've spent a few years in Quebec in the 80's and early 90's and was shocked at how joined to the hip the provincial NDP was with the Pequists point of view. I just wish more Canadians knew how the NDP in Quebec operates. Residents in the western provinces should be particularly interested in the Dipper's views on asymmetrical federalism.

  2. Agreed, T of KW. I have some knowledge because of the folks I know out in Montreal along that stretch of four ridings the NDP always say they'd win of the Bloc wasn't around (Laurier-Sainte-Marie, Hochelaga, Rosemont-Patrie, Point-D'Ile). They're almost one in the same.