Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Can we say, fail?

The Nova Scotia New Democrats, who swept to power only a year ago, installing long-time Opposition Leader Darrell Dexter as Premier, have lost their third straight by-election this year.

To be more accurate, they've failed so goddamn spectacularly that you wouldn't mistake them for the governing party, but instead of of these sad third parties in provinces like Saskatchewan, Manitoba, or Newfoundland.

Mind you, the by-elections that have occurred are not in what you could call "prime Dipper territory." Still, in Cumberland South alone, they dropped from 26% in the 2009 election, to 5% in this by-election. That right there is just sad.

Meanwhile, the Nova Scotia Liberals have managed to increase their vote for their 6th consecutive by-election, going from 5% in 2009, to 38% in this by-election. That's on top of managing to steal a former stronghold from the essentially pointless NS Progressive Conservatives, whose leader James Baillie won this recent by-election, but still managed to drop 10% in the popular vote.

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