Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bernier: "Census changes not about complaints"

Except when they were.


  1. It's delicious that one of the most vocal people calling the census intrusive, Warren Kinsella, is the one that is also getting no air time.
    Come on CBC. Do some of that reporting your always bragging about.

  2. The fact that Kinsella has shown several times he's not interested in fighting the Conservative's battles for them, should clue you into something.

  3. If Warren Kinsella showed the good sense to reject this, don't you think others have also?
    This is simply crass politics by the opposition, the census is a joke and 21,000 Canadian Jedi knights agree with me.

  4. Warren Kinsella is not a God by any standards, and if you value his opinion so highly, ridenrain, why don't you give us your opinion on creating an Opposition coalition and merger? Kinsella is all for it, are you as well?