Thursday, October 7, 2010

Before Ontario's Opposition rejoices....

The back down by the Ontario Liberal government on the Oakville power plant isn't necessarily a victory for them, as much as it is for the residents of Oakville of all stripes.

Since the inception of the power plant as an idea, Oakville residents, especially in the Eastlake area, have been opposed. This includes town councillors and noted Liberals, such as Mayor Rob Burton, Councillor Max Khan, MPP Kevin Flynn, and others. Prominent Conservatives, as well, have opposed it, including former Mayor (and current mayoralty candidate) Ann Mulvale, and MP Terence Young. I'd mention prominent Dippers and Greens if there were any.

As well, if some rumours I've heard are to be believed, Dalton McGuinty himself had some reservations over the proposed plan, and was considering for awhile that the government should reconsider the plans. While I'm sure Brad Duguid isn't lying when he says that there has been a shift in priorities for the energy needs of the area, the massive ground campaign by Oakville residents certainly played a role, if not the largest role.

So congrats, Oakville residents, on a successful grassroots campaign. The hard work put into it on the part of everyone in Oakville is certainly a beacon for hope in democratic participation. Let's not let it devolve into partisan chicanery, though.

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