Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Am I dreaming, or did Calgary just do what I think it did?

Calgary has elected a liberal Muslim mayor who graduated from Harvard and wears purple. Bloody amazing.

Naheed Nenshi certainly deserves it, though. He had the policy, understood the issues, and never gave up trying to get his voice out there. Makes me reconsider whether or not Rocco Rossi should have dropped out - could he have pulled off a Nenshi on October 25th? I'm sure the poor guy is kicking himself right now.

Congrats to Naheed Nenshi, and good on you, Calgary! Just wish we could have swapped front runners...


  1. ..."and wears purple". Gotta love that. Hooray! And Edmonton, too with Mandel. Are we turning a subtle corner?

  2. You know, I just don't know. Alberta certainly seems like its heading for the right direction, at least municipally. People are going to be combing over Nenshi's win tonight, trying to figure out what brought this guy to power. It's about as weird as you can expect.

    Then, again, we look at Toronto, falling for the flat-out BS that is Rob Ford's platform. Maybe we really are the crazy ones...

  3. Yahoo!! The Little Mayor on the Prairie did it!
    Cool, eh?

  4. Cool? More than cool - damn awesome is what it is!

  5. You might want to tell the Liberal War room to drop using AOWM in Alberta.(It was simply class warfare)