Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Who is honestly surprised by this?

CBC headline screams obviousness:

NRA involved in gun registry debate

The National Rifle Association, a powerful lobbying group in the United States that advocates fewer gun controls, has been actively involved in trying to abolish Canada's long-gun registry for more than a decade, CBC News has learned.
If this is news to CBC, then they should have contacted me years ago before I ever had an interest in politics or the slightest inclination towards caring one iota about the registry - I could have told them right then and there that the NRA would somehow be involved in the efforts to scrap it. It's just that bloody obvious.

What makes it more interesting is that the NRA intends to make Canada a martyr for their cause:
Last March, NRA executive vice-president Wayne Lapierre wrote in a CSSA column, Canada's long gun registry is "huge on the world stage … and the inevitable dumping of the Canadian long-gun registry is proof that freedom will ultimately win out."
Let's make it clear right now: the NRA doesn't actually give two shits about Canada. What they care about is optics and something they can point to as proof-positive progressive gun control measures can be repealed. That not only motivates their troops, it demoralizes their opponents. Canada is to be offered up on a silver plate for these Second Amendment freaks down south of the border, regardless of the consequences.

So thank you, Conservative and NDP MPs - if you let the gun registry fall, you'll help bring the NRA one step closer to their goal of eliminating gun control across the continent. I hope you'll wear it with pride, because those voters that are truly responsible for society and citizens will certainly be looking for you.


  1. A lot of regular folk who don't follow politics closely will be surprised by this. Not everyone knows the ins & outs of how politics & lobbyists work together.

  2. I'd be more worried about Avaas and George Soros than the NRA.

  3. penlan,

    I disagree, penlan; the NRA isn't some obscure group, it's a major organization that makes its presence felt, both north and south of the border. I think quite a few people, while may not making the connection right away, are just one wire from completing this quite sadistic little circuit.


    Yes, you would be.

  4. I wouldn't take anything Ridofbrain has to say seriously. A quick google will show you he is Conbot - Doublewide Version 1.03. A particularly stupid troll though.

  5. "Yes, you would be."

    So should anybody who wants free and unhindered media in Canada. All Soros, Atwood and the CBC have is a straw man that looks like FOX news. Far stretch for a network that has yet to hit the air.

  6. Let's see... so far, Fox News has attempted to force itself on Canadians, whether we want it or not; has already started releasing false statements; and has already started a campaign against several things it doesn't like.

    Yeah, for a station that isn't on the air yet, they certainly pull a helluva lot of strings.

  7. SUN isn't FOX.
    I don't like Aljazeera but I don't lobby them to be censored. I simply don't watch them.

  8. The gunshot range for the NRA extends into Canada.

    BTW, funny how the media here isn't reporting on the huge phone-hacking scandal going on in the UK right now - involving a Fox sibling.

  9. ridenrain,

    Sun isn't Fox, no - but its certainly very similar.

    Gletscher Eis,

    I've noticed the same thing. It's a pretty big deal considering that News of the World is almost a flagship newspaper for the Murdoch empire in the UK. More amusing still that some of the Conservatives are rather disinclined to take part in the Parliamentary inquiry, the same ones who owe quite a bit of their prestige to Murdoch's network. Hmm.