Monday, September 6, 2010

Shawn Graham has been channelling Dalton McGuinty

New Brunswick Premier Shawn Graham, whose Liberals are in an extremely tight election campaign with the NB Progressive Conservatives, seems to have lifted a few tactics right out of Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty's playbook:
New Brunswick Liberals would create a new statutory holiday if they win the Sept. 27 provincial election, the party announced Sunday.

Family Day would be held the third Monday in February, giving New Brunswickers a vacation in what is currently a breakless stretch between New Year's Day and Good Friday.

In a statement, Liberal Leader Shawn Graham noted that Alberta, Saskatchewan and Ontario already have a Family Day. Adding one in New Brunswick could attract skilled workers, he said.

Not that its a bad thing, of course. The "new holiday" schtick is an attractive prospect to workers and families and is just a nice, near-populist move on Graham's part, something he needs to do, given all the populist anger over the NB Power deal, and some other sordid things that his government did, and didn't do.

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