Saturday, September 11, 2010

Saturday 3-for-1 post

In the interest of time, and since I have so much to say for today yet little time to do it, here's a compacted version of three posts in one:

1. We may just save this gun registry thing after all

With the third NDP MP to backtrack on their vote for the long-gun registry scrapping "Private" Members Bill C-391. Timmins--James Bay MP Charlie Angus, Sudbury MP Glenn Thibeault, and now Nickel Belt MP Claude Gravelle, have all switched their votes.

A couple of weeks ago, I reviewed the upcoming vote for Bill C-391, and the 12 NDP MPs that were putting the long-gun registry in jeopardy. After some calculations (and some mistakes!), I got a final tally of 151 "Yeas" to 148 "Nays," with 5 NDPers essentially the swing vote.

With these vote switchers, that tally now changes to 150 "Yeas," and 150 "Nays," with 3 possible swing votes. Its now down to Malcolm Allen, MP for the urban riding of Welland; Jim Maloway, MP for the urban Winnipeg riding of Elmwood--Transcona; and Niki Ashton, MP for the northern Manitoba riding of Churchill, to save the registry. No pressure, folks!

2. Republicans seem likely to take over US House - oh $#!*

Nate Silver's 538 House model is now done, with the Republicans getting a 67% chance of winning the House in November's mid-term elections, 225-210. Not good news for the Democrats, as that would represent a swing of over 40 seats to the GOP.

Not all bad news, however, as 538 also predicts the Dems will keep their hold on the Senate, setting up for an interesting 112th Congress. You think Obama was obstructed before, wait until John "Orange Glo" Boehner becomes Speaker.

3. September 11th

One of the most infamous days in history is being marked today, 9 years after the fact. When it happened, I remembered being shuffled out of math class (originally happy at the prospect), only to find out that planes had been flown into buildings in New York, and at the time, about 2000 estimated dead. After then, I watched the next few years of my life unfold with varying events of different degrees occur, and learned that in the aftermath of 9/11, people were both strong to rebuild and forgive, and foolish to take advantage. Possibly a lesson that a Florida pastor didn't catch.

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