Monday, September 20, 2010

Rob Ford will destroy the universe

Toronto is going to Hell in a hand basket, apparently wanting to do so with a basket case as Mayor.

Rob Ford is nearing nearly 50% support, according the most recent Nanos poll on Toronto's mayoralty race. Rob Ford sits on 45.8% support, while runner-up George Smitherman sits far, far behind with 21.3% - meaning Rob Ford would be elected by a landslide. Feel the shiver up your spine, yet?

Nanos also polled the frequency of the issues that those interviewed brought up as the most important for this campaign, with "Transportation" leading the way as the most frequently brought up issue, but "taxes" and "city spending/deficit" not far behind.

Clearly, Rob Ford's transportation ideas suck. They just do. He's playing off the other major issues though, where most of the other candidates are refusing to tread in any major fashion. It's time for people to step up.

I don't want Rob Ford as Mayor of Toronto. I really, really don't. I don't know why Torontonians want him has mayor, either. Can't you see this guy is a whackjob many times over? I know, I know - City Hall is full of incompetent idiots. But Rob Ford is one of the leaders of that pack. Don't fall for the rhetoric, the hand-shaking, or anything else he says.

He's not going to bring a new era of accountable and responsible government to Toronto - he's more likely to end up dividing by zero and destroying the universe.

Is that what you want? Ford destroying the universe? Because it will happen before any worthwhile changes come to City Hall. I'm serious, Toronto. You will bring about the end times before you see any improvement in City Hall's attitude towards council and citizens with Rob Ford as mayor. He didn't help during his many years on Council, whatever makes you think he'll help now, Toronto?

(This is all tongue-in-cheek, if you can't tell - except for the fact that Rob Ford will make a horrible, horrible Mayor)

Also, Nick Boragina at has it wrong by guessing and identifying the candidate's partisan leanings. It doesn't matter in Toronto.

A better way to identify candidates is through newspaper, media, and big personality leanings. It's easy:

The Toronto Sun is an uncivilized, unjournalistic right-wing rag. They have essentially backed Ford.

The Toronto Star is a respectable, moderate, yet sometimes (well, a lot of times) clueless. They're pretty much backing George Smitherman.

Conrad Black, convicted former newspaper magnate, who doesn't feel remorse for anything he managed to do, whether it ended up destroying lives or not, endorsed Sarah Thompson.

Jack Layton, the NDP Leader who thinks he has a chance but never will, endorsed Joe Pantalone.

Rocco Rossi has support from old John Tory enthusiasts. 'Nuff said.

Oh, Toronto, how crazy you've become.

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