Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The NDP's new electoral strategy: !@%# the East

In a brilliant stroke of genius, NDP insider Brad Lavigne exposes the Dipper's real reasons for letting down Canadians:

"Far too often, Eastern-based reporters say it¹s the Liberals and the Tories who are neck-and-neck and fighting it out for government," Lavigne said from Regina Sunday. "In fact, in Western Canada and now we believe with the gun registry, it's the NDP not the Liberals who are the competition in out here.

"We're going to be working in the next six months to bring together under our banner those non-conservative voters because we are the competition to Stephen Harper here in the West."

I see, I see - the idea is that, because the long-gun registry is hated in Western Canada, all those NDP members who voted against the registry are in fact doing the Dippers a favour by enhancing their image out West, thereby gaining the NDP votes and riding a glorious orange tidal wave from Victoria to Winnipeg! Oh, how magnificent a revolution it shall be!

Well... maybe not. If anything, the NDP seem to be on the decline in the West, with the last few polls showing the Liberals usually ahead or essentially tied with the Dippers in all three regions of the West (BC, Alberta and Saskitoba), with Nanos, Ekos, Ipsos, and now Environics showing that the Liberals are clearly the second choice of voters out West. Even in the Environics poll, with the NDP polling mightily in the Prairies, they lag behind the Liberals severely in BC and Alberta.

Besides, since when did the NDP, who apparently are the most principled folks out there, play regions off one another? I thought they didn't resort to such dirty tactics. Tsk, tsk.

But, if this is their strategy, they should possibly talk it over with the NDPers east of Manitoba, someone like NDP Leader Jack Layton, or NDP President Peggy Nash, or Deputy Leader and Finance Critic Thomas Mulcair, or Defense Critic Jack Harris, or party elders Joe Comartin, David Christopherson, Peter Stoffer, Yvon Godin - you get the point, no?

For a party that wants to play the West off the East, they sure are casting off much - no, sorry, all of their leadership. Fine by me, but I'm sure some must protest... right?


  1. Lavigne is talking in regional terms here, but I don't really hear him being regionalist. He's saying that the "Toronto Media" have got it wrong, and they underestimate NDP strength in the Prairies.

    He can be wrong about that, as you suggest - the NDP aren't currently major beneficiaries of Harper's stumbles.

    But just because the NDP are talking themselves up in the West doesn't mean they're playing off the East. Indeed, they have good occasion to illustrate their Prairie credentials with the unveiling of the new Tommy Douglas staute in Weyburn SK this week, so it makes sense to milk it a bit.

  2. The Tommy Douglas statue that Tommy Douglas wouldn't approve of - brilliant! That's a gimmick if there every was one.

    But, you're possibly, and probably right, polygonic. It's just that the way Lavigne talks sounds exactly the same as the majority of those Reformers and Alliance members from the West back in the day. It's uncanny.