Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Let's put it this way: Democrats are !#@&ed

It's been awhile since I wrote anything about the goings on south of the border, though there are certainly a lot of interesting goings-on, even if its not necessarily good news for those that support progressivism and liberalism and general intelligence in government.

Increasingly, the narrative in the US in the lead up to the November 2010 mid-terms is one of doom and gloom for the Democratic Party and its Congressional leaders. Whether its the 10-point lead the GOP racked up in the Gallup generic ballot only a week ago, or several (though admittedly generic ballot-based) projections that give the Republicans an extra 40-50 seats (they need 39 to gain control of Congress), or Nate Silver's prediction that 30 of 50 governorships in the US will be Republican-controlled (handing control of redistricting to them), it's just not a happy situation for the governing party, even if the GOP keeps tripping over its own feet.

This downward slide from uber-majority to nearly-extinct status in just two years can be explained by many things - an unpopular healthcare bill, an unpopular President, the Tea Party and very enthusiastic GOP voters, a bad economy, etc. - but whatever the reason, the chances of the Democrats holding more than a tenuous grip on Congress in both chambers (you need 218 seats in the House to form a majority, 51 in the Senate) is slim to nil. Even with the ending of Operation Iraqi Freedom, Obama's approval numbers are just not up-to-par. And while it may not end up with Obama's demise in 2012, it will lead to some very bad reprecussions for Congressional Democrats. And really, at this point, even the crazy right-wingness of many of the GOP's candidates doesn't seem likely to save the Dems - a prospect that should worry everyone.

That said, it's not all bad: Harry Reid seems like he'll be competitive enough to retain his Nevada Senate seat against Tea Partier Sharron Angle; the Democrats have some rising stars in people like Kirsten Gillibrand of New York, who is safe to win her Senate seat, the one formerly occupied by now Secretary of State Hillary Clinton; the NRA endorsed a Democrat, proving pigs can fly; and this Congress has been the most productive since the 1960's. Things to be proud of, no?

Another question should be how it will affect us up north, here? We love Obama, and we seem to love Democrats more often than not. If the Republicans, who already attack Canada as a northern European welfare state - woops, that was our own Prime Minister, sorry GOP - gain control of Congress with the crazy-ass Tea Partiers they're thinking of actually allowing to run, what fun do they have in store for us? I mean, with such gems as moving the poor into prison - oh, sorry, I linked to something similar said by our Finance Minister, here's the actual article - they surely must have some policies aimed at quelling our socialist influence. I mean, we're abortion-supporting, gay marriage-advocating, gun-registering, national healthcare-using Canucks!

Oh, damn, I seem to keep mixing up the Tea Partiers with our own current governing Cabinet - I wonder why? Maybe a turnover south of the border won't be so strange after all...

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