Friday, September 3, 2010

Harper is in the right

At least on this issue.

I never have a huge problem with a lot of the Bloc MPs, and consider them, for the most part, to be some fairly productive members of the House, even if they are separatistes.

However, Bloc MP Carol Lavallee exemplifies why sometimes that respect can be misplaced. I mean, really, it's a federalist plot to invite students from across Canada - a country that you're still apart of until further notice - into the parks that their parents pay for, free of charge? Really, Madame Lavallee?

Not only that, it's given Mr. Harper ammunition to attack the Opposition as one big collective entity, even though I doubt there are any Liberal or NDP MPs which would suggest or even think the same way.

M. Duceppe, you need to keep an eye on this one - never let her become leadership material with dumb ideas like these.

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