Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Ignatieff's caucus all showed up. Dippers with integrity stood tall. And the smug smile off of Harper's face was wiped clean.

Good day for Canada, but the fight isn't over yet.


  1. I am glad that the racist white males lost today. HAHAHAHAHHA

    Now we should charge anti-gun control racist white males with hate crimes and properly re-educate them about real Canadian values.

    Long live Canada!

  2. what a stupid comment.

    racism? hate? Stupidity? Yup - you have just demonstrated all three.

  3. CoteGauche, why do you hate gun registry? Only NRA white male racists hate gun control.

  4. intfan, I'd ask you to watch what you say if I thought it were anywhere near important.

    The fact is, many people from all walks of life support or oppose the gun registry. No one makes any attempt to misrepresent that fact. If you do, well, that is your own thing.