Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wacky Fantastic Ekos Numbers

This week's Ekos polling is cause for slight celebration, but no one can deny that the numbers - with both major parties under 30% - are a little weird.

So, let's see what happens when we take the second-preference polling also done by Ekos, subtract accordingly from the Greens to the two major parties, and:

We go from...

CON - 29.7
LIB - 28.5
NDP - 17.4
GRN - 11.1
BLOC - 10.4


LIB - 31.6
CON -30.6
NDP - 17.4
BLOC - 10.4
GRN - 7.1

And yes, that actually what you get - because 28% of Greens have the Liberals as a second preference, to just 8% for the Conservatives, 22% for the NDP, and 29% who would stick with their Green brethren. That's a big movement of voters, you know.

Come election time, I guarantee the Green number will drop to about that as well. Let's work to ensure that, eh?

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