Sunday, August 15, 2010

Ontario Young Liberals Summer Fling 2010

From left to right: St. Paul's MPP Eric Hoskins and assistant; Premier Dalton McGuinty;
Burlington Young Liberal Alysha; and myself, Burlington Young Liberal President Kyle Hutton

Just got back from a wonderful weekend at Queen's University in Kingston, Ontario, where tonnes of Young Liberals from across Ontario got together for a weekend of policy, networking, speeches, and, of course, partying.

Some highlights include St. Paul's MPP Eric Hoskins bringing us some pizza; great rallying speeches from Premier Dalton McGuinty and Environment Minister John Gerretsen on what it means to be a Liberal and what the Ontario Liberal government is doing to fulfill the promise of good small-l liberal governance in the province; federal Liberal finance critic John McCallum explaining that he was just "born awesome"; Senator David Smith telling us some fantastic stories about his time with Lester Pearson and Pierre Trudeau; and Consumer Affairs Minister Sophia Aggelonitis just being her awesome self.

Well worth what was kind of a hefty cost, but one I definitely didn't mind after the weekend. Very proud to be a Young Liberal in Ontario.


  1. Many thanks for providing this update ... this inspires me to more proactively pursue the TRUTH from the many Harper + Hudak clones ... just saw a pic on Facebook of Hudak with Rob Ford with the caption : "Ontario's future Premier AND Toronto's future Mayor" ... a more appropriate caption would be : "Two Angry white men, most willing to deliberately mislead citizens and distort material fact !!!
    Cheers & once again THANKS for this update.
    Dennis H.

  2. My pleasure, Dennis - it's always good to hear from people like yourself.

    As for the Harris/Harper twins - I think an even better caption should read "Ontario's next big losers," as neither of them will get even close to the spots they're trying to attain with cheap populist and partisan tactics.

  3. Interesting post by Dman calling Ford and Harper "Angry White Men".

    I don't see the diversity in the photo Dman is decrying.

    It is a shame that some Liberals use the racist card ad hominem in their attacks against political parties they don't support.

    Ford wants to cuts City Hall expenses and the public are embracing his ideas.

  4. CanadianSense,

    Dude, you should have seen the crowd in Kingston. I've never seen a more diverse crowd at this kind of conference. It was brilliant. And have you seen the OLP caucus? Try matching that up with the Tories or the NDP.