Friday, August 20, 2010

More poll funny business

Though this time, not on the end of the pollster.

As BCL and Impolitical pointed out, the "new" Leger marketing poll, conducted 3 weeks go between August 2nd and the 4th, has bucked the trend its not apart of, showing 37% for the Conservatives, to 28% for the Liberals, despite the current polling showing a fairly close race.

While the Leger poll isn't completely off the recent downward trendline, it's hardly indicative of what the Sun claims, ".... the Liberal Party would like to forget the summer of 2010," especially considering that other polls are showing the complete opposite. In reality, one poll does not a trend make - but the Sun isn't apart of our reality, is it?

Their main point is about Leger's "recognition numbers," which show that only 8% of Canadians know Iggy better, with about 15% and 11% in the Atlantic and Ontario knowing him better since the start of the tour. They claim this is indicative of failure.

Let me point out right now that, if the folks at Leger said this, they're idiots. If the people at the Sun said, this, I'd expect nothing less. But for a tour that has not gotten a lot of media attention, and was simply designed as a local rally, riding-to-riding, short and sweet campaign tour, an increase of 8% nationwide knowing Iggy better is pretty fucking impressive. It isn't election season, and had the media followed along with the zeal that they reserve for Guergis and J.Lo, that number would have been a lot higher.

But, the goalposts have apparently been moved, and an increase is now a failure. Way to go, Sun News - class-A journalism right there.


  1. Amazing how the Kory Klan controls the spin. Simply amazing. They simply write what they like to suit their whims. They should be placed at the grocery checkout alongside the National Enquirer.

  2. I used to commit a cardinal sin and subscribe to the Sun for about 5 months. I lost faith in humanity each day. The Sun, and their upcoming foray into TV "News," are the bane of my existence, and not just as a Liberal - I cringe at the shoddy work they claim is journalism, full of strawmans, conjecture, and pure and utter BS.