Monday, August 16, 2010

Layton wants to debate the census

.... and then what? Mr. Layton was sketchy on the details.

The fact of the matter is, we can debate it to death, but the House of Commons will not fall because of it. Clement will not reverse his decision on the rhetoric of either Layton, Duceppe, or Iggy. It's public pressure that has the best chance, and unfortunately, Parliamentary debate is not going to get it much farther in the minds of the Ch√Ęteau Clique that currently runs the government.

I applaud the initiative, sure. I think the ideas and compromises coming from all corners, including the ever-present Bloc, is fantastic. But, we need to realize this now - the Conservatives don't care. They want to push ahead with this ideological and stupid decision, and won't change it until it becomes abundantly clear to them that it will present the best threat to their government as of yet. They want to push the envelope, and ensnare the Opposition into attacking them, then turn around and claim they want Canadians to suffer under penalties never used once in the history of the country.

So, Mr. Layton, instead of wasting your breath on the talk-fest your proposing, get out there and show Canadians why exactly this government deserves to fall because of it. Let them make the choice and build the momentum. You're a politician, and your goal is to lead the wave - not generate it. Take a hint from this guy.


  1. The fact of the matter is, we can debate it to death, but the House of Commons will not fall because of it.

    Why not? It is a good issue to bring this gang of thugs down on.

  2. Greg,

    You're right, it is a very good issue to take them down on, but you have to view it through the prism of party politics, because the only party right now that is willing and ready to go for an election and will be for the forseeable future is the Bloc.

    The Liberals are second in that regard, but by a wide margin; if they thought they could get away with it and it would end up with more positives than negatives, they'd probably do it. But that's a lot of criterion.

    Then you have the NDP. Down in the polls and struggling to articulate a message against the Liberals, they are willing to bend for the Conservatives in exchange for essentially nothing when their backs are against the wall. If the Liberals and the Bloc pushed for it, the NDP would back down. If they didn't, the NDP is more than happy to take up leadership on the issue and try and show up the Liberals.

    The census, despite how honourable the parties would be to do so, is not the issue that will end up with Harper's government falling.