Monday, August 23, 2010

How pointless has this"Arctic sovereignty" push become?

Look at me and my umbrella - protecting the Arctic!


One of the very few things I ever agreed with Harper one was his dedication to entrenching Canada's position in the Arctic. I think there's a need, and a pressing one at that. Climate change is almost inevitable at this point, so when that Arctic ice does clear up for steady navigation (it may already be at this point), we need to have clearly defined borders, rules, observation, and if need be, enforcement.

However, its become very clear that the Arctic is little more than a photo-op for our Conservative Prime Minister. He's failed to get the tools we need, he's ignored the real needs of northern communities, and has pretty much failed when it comes to funding the proper programs. His diplomacy talk is "tough," but Mr. Harper has little to show for it. He can keep beating his chest if he wants, trying to drum up some sort of patriotism, but Canadians know better.

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