Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Greens delay leadership race; reinforce idea that party is just a vehicle for Elizabeth May

"The top job in the Green Party isn't up for grabs – yet.

The party will not hold a leadership race at its convention in Toronto later this month.

Greens overwhelmingly voted to pass a motion delaying a leadership review until after the next federal election.

A leadership race must be held every four years under the party's constitution.

Leader Elizabeth May's term ends Aug. 31 and at least one challenger – retired army officer Sylvie Lemieux – had stepped forward."

Nice to see that dictatorship is alive and well in Canada.


  1. The Green Party should merge with the Liberals. Ignatieff has a perfect opportunity here, I bet there are a lot of Greens who are upset by May's dictatorship.

  2. I kind of agree, Michael. The Greens, at least a good portion of them, have a lot in common with the Liberals. Plus, a lot of Red Tories parked themselves with them. It's not too much of a mismatch at all.

  3. May doesn't need the Liberals because her party on her leadership has been growing to 12% in the polls almost double there 2008 results. The Liberals on the other hand have just 28% only 2% higher than 2008. Anyway the Green party believes more in a Carbon tax and anti oil sands. While Igantieff believes in the Oil sands and is against the carbon tax

  4. vanillaman,

    Actually, the Greens are down about 20% in the polls since 2008. Don't believe me? Ask a supporter.

    And we all know what happened last time the Greens got 12% of the vote - they dropped about half that.

  5. Sorry, with Michael "Tar Sands Forever" Ignatieff at the helm of the Liberals, I can't see Greens entertaining the notion of migrating en masse to the Liberal Party, no matter how many are less than enthusiastic with May's performance. Right now, the Liberal Party of Canada is the very antithesis of what it means to be green. Better the Conservatives, who at least don't bother pretending that they're doing a damn thing about climate change, than a Party which tries to talk to the talk but refuses to walk it. And under Iggy, that's where the Libs are at.

  6. I believe there are some Greens out there with the sensibility to note that Ignatieff believes in a compromise between the concerns of the oil sands economic output and their environmental impact. Blind opposition should be left with the Republicans, no?

    Besides, not all Greens are truly green. I know a few Greenies who said they couldn't give a hoot about their environmental plan.