Saturday, August 28, 2010

Glenn Beck's Rally for God

The eponymous Glenn Beck, otherwise known as that flabby white guy with the show on Fox (suppose that doesn't narrow it down, does it?), held his "Restoring Honour" rally today at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to a crowd of apparently hundreds of thousands. Beck, and former Republican Vice-Presidential nominee, former Governor, and formerly liked person within the GOP establishment Sarah Palin, stood side by side, saying that America needs to "return" to God, find its way "out of the darkness," and destroy the Obama administration and Democrats in general.

While some people expected Beck, unofficially the titular head of the Tea Party movement, to be divisive in an already divided country, in fact he spread out his arms in hope of unifying all Christian conservatives in America (mostly white, but don't let that fool you!) in order to take the country back from socialists. Indeed, it is through initiatives like his aimed at recreating that co-operative spirit among Americans that so many share while trying to demoralize and destroy people they see as "others," that Glenn Beck is bringing the United States together, back into the tradition of the Founding Fathers, who clearly support his initiatives.

My God, what would the United States do without Glenn Beck. When can we look forward to our own comparative figures to do the same?


  1. All that party can do is bring up useless emotional crap. Everything is a sweeping generalization, simple assertions and name calling. Kinda sounds familiar actually.
    Isn't it ironic that the party that has the imaginary friend on their side is alos the party that wants to stay in Iraq for 100 years?

  2. Well, insane ideas to tend to group together.

  3. I think of Glenn Beck and Fox News as being like WWF - fake, but still influencing the audience to do crazy things. Hopefully, one day, viewers in TV Land will figure this out.