Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dipper bloggers seem to be getting a little paranoid...

Both Buckdog and Thor at Driving the Porcelain Bus are blogging about how the Liberal heads are telling us bloggers to ride hard against Layton and his refusal to do the right thing:
Idiotically, the boo-bah's who run Liberal Inc. have decided that it is wise at this time to make another foray into New Democrat territory. Hence we see a fairly convoluted attempt to pin the possible demise of the gun registry onto Jack Layton.

Liberal strategists desperately hope to accomplish two goals with this. First is to leave the impression that Iggy is a strong leader, ready willing and able to whip his 8 MP's who previously voted to kill the Registry. Because it has never been the policy of the NDP to whip their Caucus on private member's bills, the Libs are trying to leave the impression that Layton is not as strong a leader as Iggy. So, with Layton consistently getting favorable ratings in the polls, the Lib brain trust feels that they must do something to pull him down and boost the Igster up.

The second goal of the current Liberal strategy is to try and win back some of the urban support that has leaked away to Layton since 2006. Rather than attack Harper (whom they fear), Liberals have decided to try and pound on the NDP. It is humorous to watch and will bear few, if any electoral results.
I like Buckdog, but I never would have thought he'd be one of those tin-foil hat people. Mind you, the NDP seems to attract them.


  1. I will first declare that I am not a member or active supporter of any political party. That means I did not get the secret instructions from the Liberal Party to bombard the web with anti-NDP long-gun blogposts. There have been NDP sympathizers who have expressed their concerns to Jack Layton about some NDP MPs supporting the Harper Conservative private member's bill on getting rid of the long-gun registry. Antonia Zerbisias is one. Note: I don't know what her NDP score is from 0 to 10.

    Ignatieff has the power to force his MPs to oppose the Conservative private member's bill as he may choose any of them to become future cabinet ministers someday. Layton, unfortunately, doesn't have this luxury of power. The Liberals also have the luxury that it is a largely urban party that can spread to the smaller cities and towns of Canada. The NDP's support is divided between industrial urban downtowns and rural areas. It is difficult for that party to seek new territory.

    I think the Liberals realized that they made a mistake by making side deals with Elizabeth May's Green Party in the last election. The Liberals are not going to do it again with the NDP or any other party. The other parties need to realize that they are on their own.

  2. I think everything Buckdog said above is true, but not because I think Jack Layton is any better. Each party and each leader take turns pretending to be a strong leader and then they roll over and let the Cons do what they want. But I must say in terms of pure numbers it is a more difficult narrative for the Liberals to spin than it is for the NDP, because the LPC has voted many many many more times to support the Cons than the NDP has. Then every time the Liberal find their cojones for a few minutes they spend the entire time pretending that it has been the NDP all along that has been supporting the Cons. Personally it seems to me that no party can criticize the Cons for playing wedge politics because they are all doing. (Except the Bloc who just stay out of it)

  3. "Ignatieff has the power to force his MPs..."

    Ah yes, the liberal definition of democracy.

  4. Skinny Dipper,

    I couldn't agree more with your assessment. I didn't any instructions either, though maybe I'm not important enough yet. Should ask BC In Toronto. xD


    You are right, however, I don't know if it really matters. In terms of this issue, the NDP, and Jack in particular, have dropped the ball.

  5. This NDP paranoia reeks of the manufactured outrage at Dions and May's deal last time. Claims of making an anti democratic deal in a democratic system that is not democratic was pure innane bluster.

    I'm just as convinced that the paranoid NDP blogger claims of Liberal control of bloggers are simply posts ordered by the NDP leadership to hide their shame.. Sounds stupid doesn't it?

    Face if folks both the NDP and the Libs have been chicken shits on more than one occassion for a number of years, each taking turns supporting Herr Harper to the detriment of Canada, to avoid an election or to score cheap points against the ones they should be cooperating with. There is enough stupidity and guilt for all.

    Let the registry fall, let Jack explain to the GTA that this was a matter of concience. Likewise let Iggy explain the gutting of enviromental laws in the last budget.

    I use to wonder how we nearly got 10% with no campaign last time, I don't question that anymore, we'll win eventually, simply by default.

  6. I thought it was only a matter of time before a Greenie showed up to the party.

    If your party ever does get into Parliament, you'll figure out the pressures, influences, and concerns that go into every single decision. Even the NDP long-gun decision has some hefty justifications behind them. It's not all black and white, Harper or no Harper.

    But, with the Green Furher in charge of your party, I doubt that time will come along any time soon. ;)

  7. Paranoia??? No paranoia involved! Iggy wants an election! He has decided that the best way to start fighting Harper is to attack ..... the NDP! Fine. Game on. There will be Liberal casualties. It seems like a pretty dumb way to go after Harper. Oh well ... the minute that Canadians realize that Iggy wants to go to the polls this fall, Liberal numbers will start falling. What a crew you are siding with ..

  8. Buckdog,

    I see nothing there actually saying Ignatieff wants an election - what article are you actually reading?

    Besides, I think Dippers shouldn't arch their backs so much if they're not worried about any voters starting to abandon them along the way. Mixed signals, you know?

  9. The minute Canadians sense that Iggy is itching for a fall election .. your numbers will start to tumble .. just like the phony bravado Libs demonstrated last fall. Explain to me how Liberal think works ... in order to take on Harper .. and win government .. Liberals attack ...... the NDP???

    Game on .. Liberals want war with New Democrats .. ok .. you get your wish!

  10. Any good Canadian politico knows that the NDP carries quite a few soft Liberals in its ranks; it isn't too hard to draw them back over, and we will have to do so eventually, if we want to be competitive electorally. Such is the landscape of Canadian political culture.

    Besides, we may not need to wage war with the NDP - you guys seem to be falling over yourselves as it is!

  11. Oh please. Most Liberals should be Conservatives. Their hatred of organized labour tells the tale. Many Liberals should be New Democrats. Why do you support a party that has voted with Stephen Harper's Conservatives over 100 times since the 2006 election? The minute Canadians get a hint of Iggy's upcoming election plans, Liberal polling numbers will fall and your blessed Liberal MP's will be back to propping Harper up again ..

  12. Organized labour is not everything, you know! The world does not revolve around unions and how evil employers are!

    And I can easily through your question back in your face; given the chance to actually take Harper down, why does your party refuse to do so? If your party is so sure of its positions and its convictions, why in Fall 2009 did you prop up that hated Conservative government?

    I'll tell you why - because the NDP are just as worried about the results of an election as the Liberals are half the time. Your polling is good, but hardly fantastic. You have a leader that will simply never be Prime Minister, no matter how popular he is. The NDP are stuck and might reach that 20% mark again, but you and I both know it won't get any farther. Why would you risk your current comfy position?

    If you're going to call the Liberals out, I think its only fair I do the same.