Saturday, August 7, 2010

Apparently, Sarah Palin would make a good President

.... at least according to surveyed Republicans, 51% of whom said Sarah "Mama Grizzly" Palin would make a good President, as opposed to 21% who said she would not, and 28% who said they weren't sure.

Square that circle with the fact that in the same polling, among all those surveyed - Republicans, Independents and Democrats alike - 24% said Palin would be a good President, and a staggering 53% who said she would not. The next candidate with after her in the level of negative opinion is Newt Gringrich, at 40%, then Condi Rice at 32%.

And to further add insult to injury, the only Republican with a known presence that has a better positive image than negative among all groups is the RINO Rudy Giuliani, former Mayor of NYC.

For all their hoopin' and hollerin' about the midterms, the Republicans still seem pretty out of step with the American population as a whole. This is just further evidence of that sad fact. Will it stop people from lashing out at the Democrats? Probably not. But don't expect them ride a wave of contentment to the White House. Obama will be a two-term President with the way things currently are.

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