Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Apparently the Nova Scotia Conservatives have a new leader

Ever heard the adage about a tree falling in the woods and asking whether it makes a sound? We now have a political equivalent.

It appears that the Progressive Conservative Party of Nova Scotia, which up until last year held government, and is now a third party, badly beaten and bruised by a surging Liberal and New Democratic parties, will be getting a new leader, since no one else except one person filed papers before the deadline to become the new leader, not even sitting MLAs.

That one person is Jamie Baillie, former Chief of Staff to Premier John Hamm. He's going to be acclaimed leader by October 2010. His ascension made CBC, but barely registered a squeak. On a website where political articles regularly get at least 100+ comments, this one got 24.

Well, congrats Mr. Baillie! Can't wait to see what headline-grabbing ideas you come up with!


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  2. It's an interesting idea, Cammie, though how feasible it would be is another story altogether.`