Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Where's Iggy going?

As I sit here this morning drinking horrible instant cappuccino, I've been going over the itinerary for the Liberal Express (Pundit's Guide gave me the idea), or what I call the Iggy Tour, because that is what it is exactly, and something very obvious comes off of the list - it's all essentially target seats.

Take a look for yourself:

Liberal Express draft schedule

Not that this should be of any surprise, of course. The Liberal Express is essentially a pre-election campaign, powered by the Victory Fund, and will no doubt set the tone for the next election, whenever that may be.

So, where is Iggy heading? Some of the more obvious spots include:

- Brampton, where nearly two of the three ridings nearly went Conservative;

- Kitchener-Cambridge, where we lost two ridings in 2008, but both former MPs are running again;

- Stratford, Brantford and Haldimand, the former a city in the Perth-Wellington riding which voted mostly Liberal (to no avail), the latter two being two ridings where former MPs are running again;

- Laval, QC, an area that is strongly Liberal provincially, and area essentially low-hanging fruit for us;

- Kenora, Thunder Bay, Sudbury - three cities in northern Ontario that went NDP and Conservative, but can flip easily if we try really hard;

- South Shore area of Quebec, including Longueil, St-Lambert and etc., areas with a strong-ish Liberal presence;

- Nanaimo and Victoria, BC, where the eponymous Keith Martin resides, and where Elizabeth May is running in a riding we could've taken in 2008 if it wasn't for that damn Green candidate;

- And a summer caucus in Baddeck, Nova Scotia, where they'll no doubt be giddy over increased polling and high approval ratings.

Other interesting places are areas like Compton-Stanstead, Shawinigan, Miramichi, Egmont, and, um, Batoche, Saskatchewan?

Notable by their absence? Edmonton, Regina, or really anything from Alberta and Saskatchewan. I hope we haven't written these provinces off.

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