Thursday, July 22, 2010

What I've noticed about the census issue

I haven't been following as much as I should have, but I catch tidbits here and there. So far:

1. The Opposition sounds really cool when talking on this issue, while the current and former Industry ministers sound like two clods.

2. Despite that fact, most people probably won't care.

3. An Ipsos Reid poll says that 49% of Canadians thought the move was "good," while 51% said it was "bad."

4. Normally friendly newspapers have turned hostile to the Conservatives.

5. We're really screwed if this census change is made.

I feel fairly confident that this will end up being an issue, maybe not a major one, but one that will form along fault lines and highlight some key issues for the Opposition, namely education and responsibility. The Liberals can own these issues fairly well, so let's give them a leg up.


  1. Correction: 1 poll on the issue says that. (and it was an online poll at that from Ipsos-Reid).

    Don't equate that with "polling", till we see other polls from other polling firms.

  2. Good point Scott, I'll some changes in the post then. Thanks.