Saturday, July 31, 2010

Trouble in Mayland

Today, the Green Party announced their newest co-deputy-leader, sure to cost them votes in Montreal, who comes to replace the other co-leader who dumped them to go to the Bloc, comes another announcement. Georges Laraque will undoubtedly make some witty hockey remarks in the future, following the footsteps of other ex-NHL politicians.

But this comes on the heels of the recent announcement that the Greens will indeed hold a leadership convention this August, and that Elizabeth May will be the main target. After all, she might've presided over the party jumping up to nearly 7% in support, but she's also been in charge over a decline in the polls, tried to avoid the leadership process, and managed to centralize the party on her slim chances of winning in Saanich--Gulf Islands. On top of that, the Greens are still in the red, their EDAs keep closing up shop, and there is general resentment towards the leadership, the party's direction, and the chances of winning a seat in the next election.

There is already one contender for the leadership - Sylvie Lemieux - who is unknown and not bound to make any waves. Frank De Jong, who resigned as head of the Green Party of Ontario to run for the GPC leadership, is another contender, as far as I know. Lizzy May is, of course, probably going to run.

If it does go down that way, De Jong will most likely end up as the standard-bearer for the anti-Mayites, as well as the more right wing portion of the Greens, and May will end up with support from the left. Who knows what Lemieux represents.

I'll be watching on CPAC, for sure.

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