Thursday, July 15, 2010

Scott Brown - the newest RINO

The Tea Partiers must be weeping right now.

Scott Brown, who pulled off an amazing win in Massachusetts back in early 2010, claiming Ted Kennedy's old seat, was the 60th vote in passing the Democrat's financial regulation overhaul bill, along with two other well-known RINOs, Senators Snowe and Collins from Maine.

Brown voted after getting some concessions, but nothing so detrimental that the bill was compromised, like some have been. But, despite any concessions and advancements made in the name of the GOP or conservatism, there is no doubt now that the Tea Party, the Club for Growth, and other silly organizations, will be out for blood.

Cue some random Tea Partier:
Brown wasted no time stabbing Tea Party folks in the back with his stimulus vote and now he is prepared to hand control of the U.S. economy via Wall Street, over to Obama & Co. for their global economic agenda. Instead of caucusing on behalf of those who elected him, he is caucusing with the GOP Turncoat Caucus headed up by Olympia Snowe and Sue Collins.
Cue horribly-right-wing author with a horribly-written "bestselling" book:
Scott Brown who claimed he was a conservative, who claimed he would be the vote against the ObamaCARE health care takeover showed his true colors today voting for cloture on the bill becoming the needed 60th vote. Scott Brown is proving what critics and even some progressive liberals said all along.He’s no conservative, he’s simply an opportunist who beat a really weak candidate. Scott Brown is nothing more than the male version of Olympia Snowe or Susan Collins. I guess that’s what I get for donating to this fraud.
My words to Scott Brown? Good job. You're one of the few Republicans I think are actually right in their minds. Bravo, bravo.


  1. This guys are wackos. My advice to ANY politician is to run as far away from them as possible. Even the likes of Scott Brown, who got elected with their support, should run for the hills. Mark my words, this group is going to come crashing down!

  2. Agreed, LJ. They are truly off their rockers, and the GOP establishment has already taken their hits - yet will they learn?

    The GOP is not necessarily a bad organization, nor does it necessarily contain all neo-conservative a-holes - but with their current path, and naivety, they're wrecking themselves. Brown represents what should be the mainstream of the GOP - not the persecuted.