Monday, July 26, 2010

The sad saga of Nick Clegg's Lib Dems

When I noted earlier how far the Lib Dems were falling after the Coalition came to power, I never realized exactly how low they would end up - and the fact that there seems to be no end of it.

With some of the most recent polling, the Lib Dems now stand at 14% of the vote - a very, very low number for them, which may only net them a total of 16 seats, putting them in an even more irrelevant position than before.

Now new polling is out, showing that had Lib Dem voters known beforehand that they'd end up in the Coalition, four out of ten would not have voted for them.

To make matters worse, the AV Referendum (aka electoral reform) is starting to lose support, with a close call, 40% for AV, 35% for FPTP. If the referendum failed, and support continues to dwindle, the Lib Dems would truly be in trouble then, because as their governmental raison d'etre, they need it to succeed.

As for Nick Clegg? I haven't seen any internal grumblings about their current situation, but I don't doubt it exists. Is it possible his leadership could end before the year is out?

While British politics might have seemed to quiet down after the election, we should continue to keep watch - this could very well be the harbinger of doom for a party that was clearly becoming more successful as it went along.

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