Sunday, July 25, 2010

Is Tony Abbott Australia's Stockwell Day?

Tony Abbott, the ephemeral leader of Australia's conservative Liberal Party (also called the Coalition, since it runs in tandem with the smaller National Party), had an interesting debate last night with Labor Party leader (and the new PM) Julia Gillard.

While he didn't do horribly, his performance reminded me of Stockwell Day's performance in the 2000 debates, where it was awkward but well enough to defy critic expectations. However, expanding on that point, it seems Mr. Abbott and Mr. Day are long lost brothers.

Just check out the similarities:

They look kind of the same

They have had embarrassing moments near water

They like playing with scraps of paper

I dunno, the similarities are many. Even their politics are skewed the same way.

However, will Abbott be more successful than Day was, or ever could be? We'll have to wait and see.



    Abbott has the big mo.

  2. I think Abbott could help the Coalition, but the Coalition will most likely drag Abbott down, no matter how well he ends up performing. That poll is a prime example; Gillard will slump, but Labour still has a handy lead.