Saturday, July 17, 2010

Iggy's coming to Burlington!

Not the first time, but the first time actually campaigning as leader.

If you're in the Halton region (Oakville, Burlington, Halton ridings) and area (Hamilton, Mississauga, Kitchener/Cambridge/Guelph), I wouldn't pass up the opportunity to come and see him, along with Halton candidate Deborah Gillis, and hopefully Oakville candidate Max Khan, former MP Paddy Torsney, and all-around cool guy and municipal candidate Brian Heagle, will make appearances as well.

June 30th people at William's Coffee Pub on Appleby Line! 9am! Be there!


  1. June 30th? That can't be right! Not unless he is travelling in a Tardis! Besides, it's Harper who misses the 1940s! Ignatieff has his mind on a Harper Free Future! Quite frankly, shouldn't we all?

  2. what?
    Is this the closest he's coming to K/W? Hell, Harpo was here last month to meet some weird crippled guy that he's never heard of (someone told Harpo to pretend he cares about science)

  3. Kim Leaman,

    I assure you, it's definitely right. :D

    Voice of tReason,

    In fact, Iggy will be in Kitchener, Cambridge, Waterloo and etc. on July 26th, but where I'm not really sure. If you want, you should contact the associations in the area.

  4. "Politics is The Game of Games " so
    No matter what your leader says , no matter What he does he will be WRONG in the media eyes , in the pollsters eyes , but even more so would Layton or May Iggy or anyone who opposes the CORP road to power led by Harper and gang . We must educate , we must inform , we must loose the US attitude , we must stop plants from helping to elect a weak or easy to vilify Candidate , We must learn the game and get with a plan to play to WIN !
    Any Ideas ?

  5. check out
    see the huge ASHTRAY in Parry Sound a result of the g8 funding terror parry sound and find out why those record bankrupt , those low or out of EI , those on ODSP or can not make ends meet are being lured by TERRR groups, selling drugs or joining gangs for support !
    This after The Federal Government spent more that $400,000 for made in Canada space meals !