Friday, July 30, 2010

Iggy in Burlington!

Michael Ignatieff was in Burlington this morning, giving a rousing and firm stump speech to a crowd of over 200 (somewhere between 200-250 is the estimate), including bigwigs like Oakville Mayor Rob Burton, former Senator Betty Kennedy, federal Liberal candidate Deb Gillis, and several Burlington and Milton candidates for city council, including Mark Carr and Marianne Meed Ward, and Cory Judson.

All in all, it was an event to remember. Maybe not as noisy and crazy like Conservative events, but Ignatieff certainly deserves accolades for his push with the Liberal Express. Never been more proud to donate to this wonderful party, and see the results in action. And, as a Victory Fund member, I may be entitled to one of those nifty hats!

Best of all, while I wasn't able to talk to Iggy, I did get the chance to thank former Ontario Education Minister Gerard Kennedy for allowing me to get a first-rate education, after growing up under the Mike Harris cuts.

Here are some poor-quality BlackBerry photos from the event:

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