Thursday, July 15, 2010

G20 inquiry becoming political hot potato

Dean Del Mastro, Conservative MP for Peterborough, said today that any inquiry into the police tactics during the G20 would have to wait, because "... it's very important that we allow those individuals that have been trusted and empowered to do their work to do so without a federal parliamentary kangaroo court in operation that could prejudice their work."

The individuals he is talking about, of course, are the Toronto Police, who are conducting an internal review, as well as an external review done by the civilian Toronto Police Services Board.

While Del Mastro is right in saying that we should let the two police agency reviews finish their work, his indication that any federal inquiry would just be a "kangaroo court" is nothing but fluff. The parliamentary committees in charge of Public Safety are well known for their hard work and honest review of any situation, and for Del Mastro to call our elected politicians who sit on this committee, a committee designed to keep a check on the absolutist power of ministers, is offensive as it is stupid.

Del Mastro also said that any inquiry is really the jurisdiction of the Province of Ontario, who before said the inquiry falls under federal purview.

But no matter whose jurisdiction it really is, this issue is going to get passed around until it either dies, or too many people are pointing fingers at the other that it becomes an exercise in futility. Del Mastro's accusation of the "kangaroo court" is simply a preview of the accusations that would fly out of the government's collective mouths - and they truly will turn it into a kangaroo court.

And then the province will blame the feds, the city will blame the feds, the feds will blame both, and then the Conservatives will blame Liberals and claim they want to give prisoners a easy ride because they all vote Liberal anyways.

This may not come as a surprise, but somehow I don't think our governments are the most responsible people ever....

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