Thursday, July 8, 2010

EKOS gives us a swift kick in the pants

The lastest Ekos poll is a cause for slight alarm, if you have not seen it.

Over two weeks, the Liberals dropped down nearly 2-points, while the G20-debacled Conservatives jump up 1.1 and take the lead in Ontario and Toronto, which definitely puts to an end any notion of mine that governmental stupidity would cause them harm.

But what is truly concerning is the results posted by Ekos between June 30 to June 6. Those top numbers are Conservative: 34.4; Liberal: 23.9(!!); NDP: 17.9, and etc. Those are the numbers that we need to take a good, long look at, shake our heads, and ask what the heck is going on. The only saving grace is the fact that the preceding week had us at 26.2%, compared t 30.6% for the Conservatives and 18.3 for the NDP.

Now, this isn't the worst we've been at, despite what some might claim. But it isn't a good spot, either. The fact that the Conservatives are so low as well may save us from major harm, but 23.9% is no place to be. Why is it happening, anyways? Ekos' Frank Graves (evil Liberal/CBC hack, fyi) says that a combination of Harper's media exposure, rubbing shoulders with world leaders, the improving, feel-good messages about the Canadian economy, and the lack of Parliamentary sessions which bring increased exposure for the Opposition, is the cause. I tend to agree, but I also want to point out something else: the fact that Ignatieff is nowhere to be seen.

I know, he's in China, speaking at its universities and meeting with leaders. Fantastic - really. I'm glad he is doing it. But he's doing it with little to no media feeds, except on No one cares at this point, and Ignatieff missed opportunities to voice his opinion during the G20 on either the security or the policy. I saw Jack Layton come on more - and I do not like seeing that man on TV. Ignatieff was nowhere. Not a Liberal was anywhere to be seen. Why?

Ignatieff needs to start playing this game better than he has. We all do. We can't dream of half-cocked solutions, or panic about Ekos' usually-wonky numbers. The sky will not fall if we continue to work. The lack of ideas, of enthusiasm, and of steadfast support on our parts will destroy this party, before we even have a chance to get things started here.


  1. Liberals weren't seen about the G 20 because Iggy most likely supports what went down. He is as right wing as Harper. He just feels guilty about social issues. Though I doubt he'd do much about them. I have several friends who gsve decided to either not vote or vote green or NDP because Iggy is doing zilch. The party of the Charter of Rights has been deathly silent on the subversion of them. At this point I have no idea what the liberals represent. What's there to support?

  2. Well, Jay, in all honesty, Ignatieff does support the G20. Whether he supports what happened, I'm most likely leaning to the "no" side of it, simply by virtue of what he has written in his books and his lectures. The man is deeply passionate about democratic debate and safety, as are most people. Most Liberals I know want an inquiry, but whether or not we disagree with the actions of police in their entirety... eh.

    The point, however, is that Ignatieff is certainly not a Harper. The problem is that he doesn't do enough to distinguish it. Read his books, listen to him speak on the actions in states like Bosnia and Iraq and Afghanistan, and you can see the differences. We just need to push him to say these things more often!

    But, your point about wondering what we represent is a common one. We need to define what and who we are and what we want for. I hope by the end of this summer, we'll have our platform sorted out and our identity fixated. If not, then I wouldn't blame your friends for voting for the NDP or the Greens, even though the former are vague and incompetent, and the latter couldn't organize themselves out of a box.