Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Young Liberals and Coalition Talk

Two things that don't go together.

Bless Sam Lavoie's heart, but I simply can't agree with his reasoning here. We can't start a 'Stop Harper' coalition at this point - not until we at least have a policy platform out.

All this talk swirling around possibly "mergers" and coalitions is pure speculation, and I would beg the OLO to ignore it at this point. It's only a distraction, fueled by a media hungry for a story.

Is the discussion needed? Yes, absolutely. But we're the freakin' Liberal Party of Canada - we can defeat Harper's government if we simply focus our efforts on it. It doesn't preclude talks of co-operation, it doesn't even stop talks about pledges of support from happening. But we do not have to have the NDP hitched to our wagon as a tag-along, no matter how expedient and appealing the idea is.

As Young Liberal President, Lavoie should be pushing for the Liberals to strengthen their own organization first, not strengthen the NDP.

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